Mail Finishing Systems

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Pitney Bowes Mid-High Volume Inserters


DI500 FastPac Inserting System New or Green - Factory Certified

The DI500 will increase the effectiveness of your mail by enhancing the impact of outgoing mail and reducing costs. The state-of-the-art PacPilot™ user interface offers easy setup and job switching limiting the need for training and maximizing workforce flexibility. With superior loading capacity in the envelope, sheet and insert feeders, throughput and uptime is increased significantly.





DI 600 FastPac Inserting System New or Green - Factory Certified

The DI600 FastPac® Inserting System lets you reach each of your customers and target market to new customers with a level of efficiency never before possible. This dedicated system excels in focused and direct marketing as well as advanced invoicing and information mailings. The ease-of-use, speed and high capacity of the DI600 lets you produce quality mail in high volumes and in deadline-driven situations.



DI900 FastPac Inserting SystemNew or Green - Factory Certified

The DI900 FastPac® Inserting System offers enhanced functionality and features to address most high-end tabletop folding and inserting needs. It has a modern look and a sleek design to fit the needs of most mid and large-sized businesses and mail centers, enabling more system functionality with a smaller footprint.

Technological advances in the DI900 include a Tower Feeder that will hold up to 4 interchangeable feeders and an optional High Capacity Sheet Feeder with two trays that will hold up to 1,000 sheets each. Both the Tower Feeder and the High Capacity Sheet Feeder integrate the latest scanning technology to process both simple and complex jobs with a high degree of integrity. This inserter is smart and reliable PLUS it is very easy-to-use



DI950 FastPac Inserting SystemNew or Green - Factory Certified

You rely on transactional communications, like bills and invoices, to collect revenue and drive your business. To communicate important messages and meet regulation requirements, look to the DI950 FastPac® Inserting System. Designed to get your mail out accurately and precisely, this system helps drive revenue as it streamlines your operations. Plus, with the File Based Processing software, meeting compliance and regulation requirements has never been easier.